Document Retention: Do You Need To Shred That?

All businesses, regardless of size, require a way to safely destroy unnecessary or unneeded documentation in order to prevent data breeches or other security issues. Shredding your paperwork can be a very tedious task to do alone and there are many different things to consider before shredding or otherwise destroying documentation. Here are several important questions that should be asked before proceeding:

• Is our organization being consistent with our document retention schedule? One of the worst things that you can do for your business is retain documentation that is no longer required. The older the document, the more likely it can expose your company to legal liabilities. Long term retention also increases the chance that documents with sensitive information are accidentally thrown away improperly. Determine what to save, what to shred, and why maintaining a document retention schedule is very critical for your business.

• How Much Material Needs to Be Shredded? Do you have an idea how many documents are in the boxes you are needing destroyed? Utilizing an offsite shredding company such as DataSavers is great way to handle the overwhelming load of document destruction if there is more volume than you can count. By doing this you can reduce the strain on your budget while having the peace of mind that all of your destruction needs will be met and taken care of by industry professionals.

• Are You Short On Time? If time is a factor and you simply don’t have enough to drop off your documentation yourself, DataSavers can come and pick it up for you! We will come to you and load up all of your unneeded documentation in our secure, certified trucks and bring it back for destruction.

• Are You In Line With The Law? With privacy protection laws like FACTA and HIPAA in place and the potential for new ones to crop up at any time, making sure that your business has all its legal bases covered when it comes to document shredding and security can become mind-boggling. DataSavers provides a certificate of destruction for everything that you provide so that your records are straight and your business is liability free.

Protect Your Information with Secure Shredding Today
If you are in need of a secure shredding service or are updating an older process, DataSavers can take all of the trouble out of your hands. We work with you to provide customized options for businesses of all sizes and insure that the hassle of document retention is a thing of the past! There are pros and cons to a singular or scheduled off site shredding services from DataSavers. For small companies which only need shredding done occasionally, a one-time shredding purge may be all that is necessary for the job. The larger the company and the more information needing to be stored and referenced frequently on the other hand, a regularly scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly off site shredding will become more cost effective without sacrificing the safety and security of sensitive company information.