Electronic Document Management

The move to 1’s and 0’s

DataSavers provides a suite of Electronic Document Management solutions, whether supporting your existing digital inventory and workflows or migrating to digital with new best practice work flows or a mixture of both. Our strategic solutions allow your company to leverage data to improve turn-around time, quality, and processes, saving time and money.

Document Imaging

Make the move to an efficient, digital program

DataSavers maintains a stable of high speed scanners to ensure the correct tool is available for your particular needs. DataSavers scans:

  • Single sided and double sided paper
  • Engineering Documents and Drawings
  • Photos
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Books
  • X-Rays

Hosted Solutions

Instant, secure access anywhere, anytime

DataSavers’ Hosting Solutions combine Imaging Services with a secure, easy to use and accessible environment for your records. Once records are imaged, they are stored in our data center and accessible only by authorized end user(s). In addition to scanned documents, our platform allows for management of common files such as Excel files, Word files, Outlook Files, PDF, JPEG, BMP, DWG and more. Our hosting solutions provide:

  • Enhanced security for records
  • Greater control over information
  • Improved flexibility and efficiency
  • Quick and easy Document search capabilities
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Enhanced compliance via customized solutions and RIM best practices

DataSavers’ hosting provides instant accessibility to any user with a web connection, whether in the office or on the go. DataSavers’ secure data center can also provide redundancy through mirrored sites and work as an important component in comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning.

Claims / Form Processing and Data Capture

Successfully unlock the value of your information assets

DataSavers’ data processing services can meet your specialized needs on a single project or ongoing basis. We capture data manually from paper documents and manually or automatically from electronic documents, dependent upon the document. We offer a vast array of data extraction and validation services, with all services domestically based in the US. DataSavers’ document processing solutions can help:

  • Reduce processing costs
  • Increase auto adjudication rates
  • Improve turn-around times
  • Lower operational costs
  • Provide simultaneous related services such as redaction, abstraction or document classification

DataSavers uses a mixture of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) to create the best solution to a particular document or project. We operate multiple engines and perform sophisticated data validation matches to provide extreme levels of character and field level accuracy.

Data Capture validation is offered in many forms depending on client needs, including: OCR/ICR/OMR capture, manual single entry, manual double blind entry and manual double blind entry with validation, or a combination of automatic capture and manual entry verifications. In addition to many validations for your data, DataSavers can also place outbound calls to verify or complete missing data from documents in process.