Records Management

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Take control of your Information

Proper organization of every record creates a more robust inventory, makes it easy to search, maintains compliance, and helps manage risk.

DataSavers provides online access to inventory via DocTracker. The DocTracker platform along with unique identification barcode and tracking systems allow DataSavers to track all items, physical and digital, at all times. Take advantage of various options available online including departmentalization, retention and record codes, document determination and multiple metadata fields to effectively manage inventory.

Integrated Approach

Use of multiple vendors adds layers of effort and risk to your Information Management Program

DataSavers minimizes risk and streamlines service by developing customized Information Management Solutions that integrate a number of our RIM products and services to give complete lifecycle management from a single trusted provider. From inception to destruction, DataSavers provides solutions for each phase of your RIM program.

Control RIM Expenses

Offsite records storage quite simply makes the most sense for your bottom line.

A cost analysis of DataSavers’ warehouse space versus alternative storage options will show a significant savings to your company, reaching to 50% or more. Administration of such space also takes valuable time away from your employees.

DataSavers develops efficient, flexible and customized solutions for your business, allowing your staff to focus on core business tasks and gain a competitive advantage over the competition through streamlined operations.

Alleviate Risk and Maintain Compliance

Alleviate risk associated with in-house records management.

Business records are the lifeblood of any organization. One key to a successful RIM program is to find the best balance to providing business critical data for routine operations with upholding the best possible security practices and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

DataSavers operations and facility provide unparalleled security for your critical records.

Operations and Facilities

  • DataSavers maintains an ISO 9001:2015 program and maintains several certifications to ensure compliance to the highest standards
  • Consistent procedures and exhaustive audit trails combine with a powerful records management platform to ensure accurate and efficient arrangement, tracking and handling of all materials.
  • RIM programs meet and exceed regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Access to materials is limited to individuals with appropriate authorization only, ensuring confidential and business critical records are never placed in the wrong hands.
  • Facility access via access control with high security magnetic locks, audio/break glass, magnetic, long range dual tech motion detectors and UL Central station system monitored 24/7/365
  • Robust fire suppression systems with in-rack sprinkler systems, alarm and monitoring service 24/7/365 and quarterly inspection with weekly flow tests
  • Network heartbeat and real-time intrusion prevention/detection monitoring
  • Redundant on-site and off-site server backups
  • Secure Server Room with separate Climate Control system and Robust UPS power supplies with emergency shutdown protocols


  • Streamline and take control of your RIM program
  • Improve Security and Lessen Risk
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Manage multiple solutions
  • Follow Best Practices
  • Save Money


  • Central Monitoring System
  • Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Security
  • Intrusion Detection and Alarms
  • Surveillance/Motion Detecting Equipment
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Access Controls
  • Frequency of System Inspections
  • Equipment is UL approved

Environmental Considerations

  • Facility Entrance and Data Center Security
  • Procedures for Verifying Access Authorizations (individually assigned cards/badges)
  • Sign in for visitors and escort, if appropriate
  • Locked Storage of Critical Network Components (Wiring Closets)

Backup/Environmental Security

  • Humidity and Moisture Detection
  • Fire and Smoke Detectors and Alarms/Extinguishing Agents
  • Automatic In-rack Sprinkler System
  • Redundant water supply
  • Equipment Re-certification
  • UPS Devices/Generators
  • Secure Media Storage
  • Data Backup
  • Fire wall divided storage compartments