Why do I need secure information destruction and shredding?
Maintain Compliance and Protect Your Reputation

Protect Your Reputation

DataSavers’ destruction and shredding processes are AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction in order to safeguard private and confidential information. Maintaining compliance with federal, state, industry and other regulations for information destruction helps avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.

Reduce Costs

DataSavers can help you cut costs by consolidating, managing and securely shredding and destroying information that is no longer useful, pertinent or necessary to your business.

Environmentally Friendly

DataSavers sends all by-product from securely shredded documentation to U.S. paper mills only for conversion to recycled paper products. DataSavers reduces your carbon footprint by utilizing our plant based shredding service versus mobile based shredding service.

Ensure Compliance

DataSavers can help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action by maintaining compliance with federal, state, industry and other regulations for information destruction and shredding.

What matters most?

Hundreds of companies partner with DataSavers for one key reason – Trust! With nearly a quarter century of experience in Records and Information Management, DataSavers’ processes and services are built upon an expansive base of industry knowledge and expertise. When DataSavers introduced a new in-house shredding service in 2010, we put all of our industry knowledge and expertise to work to evaluate all options and implement the best possible solution for document shredding.

Process matters

Let’s face it – most shredding companies offer a sound method to shred documents most of the time. What separates DataSavers from the pack? Process! Process leads to consistency, and consistency leads to peace of mind. Not only are our shred processes certified by NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) and ISO 9001:2015 (International Organization for Standardization) for both paper and electronic materials, but we also exceed several requirements for certification and incorporate common sense measures to ensure the best possible protection for your organization. DataSavers’ will not destroy your documents securely most of the time, we will do it consistently and securely EVERY TIME!

DataSavers’ offers destruction services for paper and electronic materials onsite in our NARA (National Archives and Records Administrators) approved facility with 24 hour security and video surveillance. Using the most stringent in-house procedures we ensure that all information is properly destroyed in a 100% regulatory compliant manner.

Green Initiative

Feel good knowing your records are recycled

DataSavers’ recycles all paper shredding by-products domestically, as well as plastics and metals from our data shredding services. We always employ environmentally-friendly disposal practices when at all possible, so you can feel good about contributing to a healthier, greener planet.

Mobile Shred vs. Plant Based Destruction

DataSavers’ research and experience ultimately led to implementation of an in-house, plant based shredding operation versus a mobile shred truck operation. Below are some of the reasons we feel DataSavers remains the best choice for secure destruction of materials.

Triple Certification ‘scrutiny and meet or succeed’ (NAID, ISO 9001:2015, NARA)

Don’t take our word for it! DataSavers’ processes and facilities have undergone extensive scrutiny and meet and exceed the standards of the nation’s leading authorities.

  • NAID “AAA” Certified Destruction Provider
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Records Management
  • NARA 36 CFR Compliant and Approved
  • On-staff Certified Records Manager available

Secure Environment

  • All containers are unlocked and opened indoors, inside a segregated shredding area. Inclement weather does not impact the shredding process, and confidential documentation is never dumped or shred in a parking lot, where materials are exposed to the elements.
  • Materials are securely transported in vehicles with alarms and intrusion prevention.
  • Shredding and baling takes place in a secure, NARA approved facility.
  • Facilities are monitored 24/7/365 and video records of the entire destruction process are maintained.

Complete Chain of Custody

  • DataSavers transports, shreds, and bales all materials internally, decreasing the number of vulnerability points and increasing the overall security of the shredding process.
  • DataSavers’ employees undergo full background checks, including criminal and credit checks.
  • DataSavers’ maintains a drug-free workplace program.


  • DataSavers’ process includes ½” continuous shred destruction of documents, smaller than NAID requirements, and more consistent then the pierce and tear method of most mobile shredders.
  • DataSavers’ integrates various clients materials together prior to destruction to minimize even further any possible chance for reassembly of documents.

Green Initiative

  • DataSavers’ recycles all paper shredding by-products, as well as plastics and metals from all destruction services.
  • Mobile shredders typically burn 9 gallons of diesel fuel per ton of paper. DataSavers uses 1/10th the energy consumption to shred paper versus mobile counterparts.


  • DataSavers Plant Based Operation is more efficient, thus creating a more cost effective solution for document shredding.
  • Include document shredding into a comprehensive Records Management program to gain further efficiencies and save even more!