Destruction in the Digital Age

Hackers are running amok these days, and business demands that paper records are constantly converted for digital consumption. This begs the question of how important your business’ record destruction program is? Being serious about your record destruction is extremely important for the security and sustainability of your business. Being in control of it’s operation and insuring things are destroyed on a routine basis can be the difference between success and failure in today’s markets!

All employees should be educated in the efficient storage, indexing, and availability of records. However, secure destruction may not be their first priority nor thought of at all. Employees should be trained in the benefits that a solid and organized destruction system can provide. Whether you’re planning on doing it yourself or outsourcing the destruction material, the financial investment can be pretty hefty.

DataSavers has competitive rates, is NAID destruction certified and is operated by experienced professionals ready to serve you and insure the destruction program is adequately managed and tailored to the needs of your business.

Destruction Options

For paper documents, shredding is the most common and utilized method. Shredding is a very portable and easily available service and is an economical option. DataSavers uses a NAID certified shredder which offers a high security option for destroying your paper documents. DataSavers can also provide you with portable recycle bins that we collect at your request for destruction, simplifying the storage and frequency of the process to what fits your business best.

For digital data stored on physical media (HDDs/Flash Drives/SSDs), puncturing the thick magnetic disk and/or chipset is the only sure way to ensure that the data is no longer retrievable. DataSavers has the ability to take care of your old data storage media and provide you with absolute security of your digital data.

Process Security and Auditing Peace of Mind

A certificate of destruction, including documentation of all items destroyed, is provided after the destruction of your records and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your documents have been dealt with in a legal, secure and professional manner. Having this provided documentation available to you, along with the certificate of destruction for audits, is especially important and will allow you to provide certified proof to any auditor reviewing your business’ destruction process.

In the end, having your destruction process in place and running optimally is the prime concern. Let DataSavers give you the peace of mind you deserve with our competitive rates and nearly thirty years of experience and leave the worry to us!