What are the advantages of commercial records storage versus mini-storage or in-house storage?

  • Price - DataSavers offers three dimensional records storage at a per piece rate. Mini-storage and in-house storage takes up valuable square foot real estate and 'wastes' the extra space required for organization of records.
  • Compliance - Mini-storage and many in-house solutions cannot offer a compliant solution.
  • Free up office space and staff - off-site storage allows your staff to focus on core business tasks and turns previous office storage space into revenue generating real estate.
  • Mitigate risk - DataSavers' warehouse is a safe environment for your records. Some of our security features include:
    • 24/7/365 alarm and monitoring system.
    • Security cameras and motion detectors cover the entire campus.
    • Rated flood zone X (the best possible rating) with a raised floor 4 feet from the ground.
    • Warehouse entry limited via access control hardware.
    • Network heartbeat and intrusion monitoring.
    • Monitored fire detection and suppression plus 100,000 gallon private reservoir for an extreme fire suppression emergency

Why should I choose DataSavers for my records storage or RIM services?

DataSavers records storage and records management solutions can help you save as much as 50% while offering better service than any other RIM provider. Cost saving efforts include:

  • DataSavers DOES NOT charge an administration fee. We are happy to have your business and will only charge for services provided, not simply for the right to be our customer.
  • DataSavers will pick up and deliver materials in one trip to save transportation costs. Other RIM providers will make two trips to your office - at double the cost to you!
  • DataSavers office is staffed with live customer service personnel. You will never waste your valuable time punching numbers in an automated system.
  • DataSavers efficient warehouse layout and integral tracking system create built in savings that are passed on to our customers.
  • Exhaustive audit trails make sure we get the job done correctly - the first time!
  • DataSavers employees undergo thorough background screenings, and have many years experience in the industry.

We are certain one five minute meeting will convince you that DataSavers is the Records Management Solution You Can Trust

What are the first steps in opening a records storage account?

Once you've made the decision to partner with DataSavers, we will create your account and help in any way to get you started on the right foot. First, we will provide a form to list authorized users for your account based on the parameters you establish for each user. Security is always paramount at DataSavers. Second, we will look at any existing inventory you may transfer to our warehouse and workout a plan to incorporate existing data into our database. Finally, we will provide the necessary materials to add new records to inventory and assist with the process of capturing the required data for your cartons to enter into our database. Whatever your needs, DataSavers will be there to help you with your records storage and records management process every step of the way.

What type of materials can we place in records storage?

DataSavers will accept a wide variety of materials for records storage. As long as the materials do not provide a danger to employees or our warehouse environment (examples: flammable materials, narcotics, organic materials, illegal materials, etc.).

What box types are required for records storage?

DataSavers will accept a variety of boxes for storage as long as they are in suitable condition for a records storage environment (sturdy for movement, stacking, and protection of carton contents). All cartons must have lids. Our warehouse layout is designed for storage of industry standard boxes, legal/letter size standard boxes, letter width banker boxes, and legal width banker boxes. Non-standard cartons are acceptable, but please keep in mind different sizes may take up more space to store than a normal carton, and may therefore increase storage costs slightly.

DataSavers boxes are sturdy, top of the line, high-test cardboard. The standard size legal/letter carton has an attached lid to better secure and protect documents and is much easier to handle than typical transfile boxes or banker boxes. Boxes are bundled in quantities of 25, though we will accommodate any quantity you may need from 1 to 1000 or more for your convenience.

Can a client view materials in DataSavers' warehouse?

Absolutely. DataSavers provides an audit room for our customers' convenience where we will retrieve materials for your review. The audit room is free of charge (for limited time frames, larger projects may be staged in other warehouse areas) on a first come, first serve basis. For security and accessibility reasons, we do not allow review of materials in the storage areas themselves.

How are materials in records storage tracked?

DataSavers uses barcode tracking throughout our warehouse. All cartons are assigned a unique barcode identifier, which is scanned during any movement of the carton and assigned to unique warehouse locations, thus ensuring continuous real time accessibility for all materials. The unique carton number is assigned metadata within our inventory management system to allow all customers a snapshot of the contents for each carton. File bar-coding and indexing is also available upon request, allowing a complete picture of your entire inventory at the most basic levels.

Does DataSavers offer an online tool for records management?

Yes, DataSavers offers a free web based tool for all customers use. The end user must first be authorized for the records storage account before we issue a userid and password. User access may be delimited by action and/or by department level to meet acceptable security parameters. Reporting options include the ability to view or export a full inventory, query and view partial inventory or individual items, or view various canned reports. Customized reports may be available upon request. In addition, additions to inventory may be indexed, orders may be placed for retrieval of records, or orders may be placed for supplies.

How do we request items from our records management account?

DataSavers processes orders via telephone, email, fax or web for authorized individuals of your account. Whether calling our local Jacksonville number 904-786-5749 or our toll free line 1-844-372-8377, you will always reach a live customer service representative during business hours. Email, fax and web requests are processed as received during normal business hours. 24/7/365 service is also available via our pager system through the same office phone lines.

DataSavers offers four service levels for delivery of materials

  • Standard Service
    Next day service by 5PM EST when the request is received before 3PM EST
  • Priority Service
    Next day service by 5PM EST when the request is received after 3PM EST or
    Same day service by 5PM when request is received by 10AM
  • Rush Service
    Two hour delivery (plus drive time) during normal business hours
  • Emergency Service
    After hours / weekends / holidays

Is DataSavers compliant with relevant regulations such as HIPAA or SOX?

DataSavers is compliant with all legislation, including HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA. For more information regarding specific compliance issues, please feel free to call our office anytime to discuss.

When can we destroy our materials in records storage?

Setting a destruction time for your materials is an important step in managing an efficient Records and Information Management Program. Every customer has their own specific retention policies and procedures to follow. DataSavers can provide a generic retention setup, or implement the use of Record Codes to customize the retention settings to your specific program.

DataSavers strongly suggests applying retention policies to all materials in storage at the time of deposit in order to take advantage of our monthly expiration reporting option. Every month, we will send via email a copy of our Container Expiration Report listing all containers past their life cycle or nearing the end of their life cycle. Simply return the completed and signed form to DataSavers and we will handle the secure destruction of your materials.

What are the 'From Date,' 'To Date,' and 'Base Date' for a carton?

The From Date, To Date and Base Date are used for retention of materials. The From Date is the date of the oldest file in the carton, the To Date is the youngest file in the carton, and the Base Date is the time at which the retention of the box is calculated. For example, if a carton contains files dated between 06/01/2003 and 12/31/2003, and the carton retention is 7 years, it is imperative to ensure the carton is not destroyed before the required retention of the youngest file in that carton. Therefore, the From Date would be 06/01/2003, the To Date would be 12/31/2003, and the Base Date would be 12/31/2003, and with a retention of 7 years, the expiration date of the carton would be 12/31/2010.

Is a certificate of records destruction provided?

DataSavers provides a certificate of destruction upon request. Certificates are mailed to the contact specified once a month, though other arrangements can be made as needed.

What DataSavers' services are available besides paper records storage?

DataSavers is more than just your records storage warehouse. We offer a full line of Records and Information Management services that will meet and exceed all of your records program requirements, inlcuding document conversion services, electronic data management, data vaulting and secure destruction of both paper and non-paper information.